that 70's show

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Assignment # 4

Character :Fez

Since I lived in my house, I was sure that my neighbor was a criminal. One night, I decided to watch him in my beroom with binoculars and I was very disturded by what I saw through the window. My neighbor transported a lot of big garbage bags in his house and in the afternoon, I saw him with a huge knife in his hands with a lot of bllod on it. I also perceived that his wife wasn't there but her car was in front of the house. So I thought that it was his wife cut in million of pieces who was in the garbage. at the end of the day, when I was looking in my binoculars, the guy saw me and he was very furious. He came to ring at my door house and I wake up at this moment. I was relieving when I understood that it was just a dream.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Assigment 2

The story that I have watched this week was very funny. The couple Donna and Eric was in the Donna's bedroom when the show was begining . Donna decided to go in the kitchen and brought some drinks and chips. Eric saw the private diary of Donna on her desk. He learned in the diary that he wasn't enough like a cool guy or a rock star. He was very disappointed. So he decided to change him to look like a rock star. He went to a tatto shop and he decided to have a big tattoo with the Donna's name on his right buttock. After, he bought a wig with very long black hair an very stretches leather clothes. He returned at the Donna's house to show her his new style. When she saw him, she started to laugh and she said to Eric that she loved him like a simple peron and not like a person who wanted to be an other person. But she was very frustrating when she discovered that Eric have read her private diary.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Assignment 1
That 70’s show 146 words
I have chosen this program because I really like humour when I watch TV and this TV program makes me laugh. All the stories take place in the 70's so all the decorations and the clothes are from this period. The majority of the characters are young, about eighteen to twenty two years old. With this TV show, I hope that I will learn more English and at the end, it’s important for me to understand better all the jokes and the personalities of each actor. The stories mostly take place in Eric's house, the main young character who is in love with Donna. The major conflict in the first story that I watched is the squabble between the couples on Valentine’s Day so everyone who is in love in the story spent the Valentine’s Day alone.